Is there a fee for starting a subscription?

New Customers

New customers who have never started a subscription or trial at MacStadium before will not be charged for the first 24 hours of a Mac mini trial.

There may be a temporary authorization charge placed on your credit card but this varies by financial institution. It is not a permanent charge and is meant to verify your payment method when you move beyond the trial period to an active subscription.

24 hours after the trial is begun, you will be charged for the first month of service. If you cancel before the 24 hours are up (from the time of subscription, not the time you gain access to the server), you will not be charged.

This only pertains if you're renting a Mac mini and you've never created an account or subscription with MacStadium before. Please chat with our sales or support staff if you have any questions about your account status before starting a trial.

Returning/Existing Customers

If you have at any point had an active account and held one or more active or trial subscriptions at MacStadium you are not eligible for our Mac mini free trial policy. Every new subscription will be charged to your payment method at completion of the checkout process.

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