What is a billing master and how do I use it?

What is it?

For our customers with ten, several dozen, or hundreds of Mac servers, it's far easier to combine your monthly expenses on one statement than to bill you for each subscription individually throughout the month. We offer what we call a billing master subscription to cover this situation.

A billing master subscription combines all of your subscriptions and the components of those subscriptions onto a single placeholder subscription so you receive a simplified billing statement and we can manage changes to your account with greater ease. This allows us to bill you once per month for all of your subscriptions; even if you add servers or add-ons at different times throughout the billing period.

By default, a billing master-managed account is billed on the first of the month. If you would like the billing date changed, please let our team know via a ticket or by emailing support@macstadium.com.

How do I request changes to a billing master subscription?

All changes to an account while on a billing master must be submitted in a ticket. That means any form of upgrade or downgrade to your services.

While there are still placeholder subscriptions in your account, they won't affect your account from a billing perspective if you make changes to them. For example, if there are 20 subscriptions alongside your billing master subscription and you cancel any of them, we'll still bill you for them because the billing master must be adjusted accordingly by us. Our billing team must complete billing changes so please open a ticket or email support@macstadium.com to request any changes.

When you have a billing master account, you may also be bulk ordering subscriptions. It's not possible to bulk order servers from our main website; it's only possible to order them one-at-a-time.

The best way to bulk order subscriptions is to open a upgrade support ticket and tell us everything you need. Whether it's hardware specs, choice of OS, IP subnet to use, or components to add, you can list it all in a support ticket for our data center technical agents to see. They'll review details and confirm with you before beginning. They might even get started right away.

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