How do I add multiple email addresses to my account for support tickets?

Your customer account has a single email account attached to it. This is the main email address we will use to contact you for support, billing, and marketing. This email is the default for new tickets and is pushed to our billing platform to provide you with billing statements.

On your subscriber dashboard, select Account Settings to view more details about your account. On this page, you’ll see a text box for Additional Email Contacts (one per line). Think of additional email contacts as authorized users of your account’s ticketing system. We only accept email support tickets from authorized email addresses for security reasons.

As stated under the text box, Additional Email Contacts can create and receive support ticket updates. This is where you may become confused.

How it Works

When a ticket is opened thru the dashboard, the email address associated with that ticket will be the primary email address on the customer account.

When a ticket is opened via an email to, the system looks to see if the email address which the support request came from is associated with an account. That means your Primary/Billing email or any email address authorized on the account in the text box mentioned above.

If the email address matches up, a ticket will be opened under your customer account, but the ticket will be communicated only with the email address of the person who opened the account.

The Problem

Many of our customers are confused as to why one of their additional email contacts isn’t receiving copies of ticket replies. As mentioned above, the only email that will get replies is the email that opened the ticket. If opened through the dashboard, that’s the primary/billing email. If through a support email, that’s the authorized email that sent the first message.

Don’t fret, though, there’s a rather elegant solution you can setup on your end to fix this.

The Solution

Did you notice that our support email is That’s a master email that acts as a catch-all. It receives all emails and forwards them to a distribution list. That list is made up of our support staff so they all receive a copy in their individual email inboxes.

You should setup your own distribution list email address and set it as the Primary/Billing email in your Account Dashboard. Try DevOps@{companyname}.com or MacStadium@{companyname}.com. Most of our large clients take advantage this setup. Each member of their DevOps team receives a copy of ticket replies when any one of them emails

Login and navigate to your account dashboard to setup your email distribution list.

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