Why are coreaudiod and launchd in macOS using a high amount of resources?

We've heard about this problem from two different customers so here's a solution one user confirmed fixed the issue of coreaudiod and launchd taking up a high amount of CPU resources.

Disclaimer: We are an infrastructure provider first and offer a minimal amount of help for software issues. We can not support the following software fix or guarantee that it works for all users. Please contact the software developer (Apple, in this case) for further help. We can also provide a list of vendors that we work with to support you.

From a customer:

I figured out what the problem was in case you all are seeing this in other places. The bluetooth daemon had crashed. I'm not sure why that made coreaudiod and launchd go crazy, but the fix is this: $ sudo launchctl unload -w /system/library/launchdaemons/com.apple.blued.plist If the daemon crashes you may see a message like this: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/com.apple.blued.plist: Could not find specified service Next, run this: $ sudo launchctl load -w /system/library/launchdaemons/com.apple.blued.plist Once blued is running properly, coreaudiod and launchd both settle down.

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