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What is the best environment for me?

Most of our customers choose a private cloud. A hosted private cloud has the most flexibility, scalability, security, and performance. We also offer individual dedicated Macs if you do not need the scale of a private cloud.

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I’m interested in a single Mac mini… what should I do?

The best option is to sign up online with a credit card - you’ll be up and running almost immediately. A dedicated mini will perform almost exactly like a mini sitting on your desk… just with more security, better uptime, and higher bandwidth. There is even a 24-hour trial so you can check performance and bandwidth.  

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How does MacStadium help with continuous integration (CI) projects?

iOS and macOS developers practicing CI/CD require dedicated Mac hardware to build and test their apps. We provide this service for everyone from individual developers to growing startups and Fortune 100 organizations.

Whether you want to get started with Jenkins on a single Mac mini, manage multiple Mac servers running a Buildkite agent, or deploy a hosted Mac Pro private cloud running VMware for large-scale CI and CD, MacStadium has a solution for all iOS app development and testing needs. 

We can provide a cluster of Mac servers, SAN storage and a managed firewall -- everything you need to create virtual machines to test and build on for CI. Our cloud solution is highly scalable and redundant.  

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What does the remote hands service cover?

MacStadium provides free live chat, email and phone support 24x7x365. Our free remote hands service is available 24x7x365 without hidden fees. Refer to this article for more details about what services are provided.

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Does MacStadium offer a hosted iMac Pro?

Not yet, but soon! We're still finalizing some aspects of the offering, but an iMac Pro private beta starts soon. Sign up here if you'd like to participate in the beta or get updates about the iMac Pro as we prepare for release.

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