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Why was my credit card declined at signup?

Customers may receive the following message when signing up for a new subscription:

Unable to authorize your Credit Card. Please contact support via Phone, Chat or open a ticket in your Dashboard.

You may try a second credit card and get the same message. This does not necessarily mean your card is declining.

At MacStadium, we make use of fraud protection services that use multiple layers of security to identify and stop fraud before it happens. These measures are in place to help ensure the security of our network and the best possible experience for our customers.

In the case that your transaction is flagged by our system we require the following:

Please E-Mail the requested photocopies to so that our support staff can verify your information manually. Once received we can proceed with the provisioning of your new service.

As we’ll now need to manually process your order, you’ll need to let us know about the server you originally attempted to order. Please include the following details:

With these details we can provision your new server (or create a ticket for colocation). From this point forward, you can order add-ons through your customer dashboard like external drives and additional IP addresses.

If this is a Mac subscription, we will begin the provisioning process upon successful verification. When the server is online and available, you will receive an activation E-Mail with information to access your Mac server.