Confirm the HDMI GPU Adapter is Working on Your Remote Mac Server

By default, every dedicated Mac server at MacStadium includes a headless HDMI adapter to enable GPU acceleration in macOS. This small accessory causes the operating system to believe that a display is attached, therefore making the GPU work harder to provide a smooth remote desktop experience.

It’s easy to confirm that the GPU adapter is attached and working correctly.

  1. Within the remote desktop (running macOS), open Apple’s System Preferences application
  2. Click on Displays
  3. The title of the window should now have changed from System Preferences to fit Headless

If you’re using the Scaled resolution settings, you should have options for up to 1080p on your remote desktop.

If you see something other than fit Headless (or suspect it’s not working as expected), please open a remote hands support ticket so your local data center technicians can review and/or replace the existing GPU adapter.