How to Create an Account

Creating an account with MacStadium is an easy process that happens when you first subscribe. Customer accounts currently require a subscription so there is not another way to create an account besides completing the order process for a subscription to a dedicated Mac mini, dedicated Mac Procolocated Mac, or hosted Mac private cloud.

Once you reach the secure checkout page on any of our services, you’ll have the option to Create a new account. This is where you’ll input your details including customer info and physical address information for shipping and/or billing purposes. You’re also able to add another team member to your account and set user specific permissions once you’ve completed the checkout process and are logged into your customer dashboard.

Complete the form and then select Create Account to navigate to the final checkout page. First, you’ll confirm your billing address. Next, you’ll supply us with payment details, confirm you have read and agree to our ToS and AUP. Clicking Submit Card Payment (even if you’re signing up for a free trial) completes the order process and takes you to the confirmation page.

The confirmation page varies depending on the subscription. For dedicated servers with instant availability, you’ll receive all of the information to connect with a server immediately along with information to help you get started. Otherwise, there are various levels of information confirming your order, offering guides (e.g. how to ship a Mac for colocation), and estimated times to bringing your subscription online.

Make sure you save the details of the email and password used to sign up for your account as this will be the only way to access the customer dashboard for directly managing your account, subscriptions, and support tickets. Once your servers are ready you’ll receive a confirmation email alongside a message in your customer dashboard.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the customer dashboard. If you’d like help from your team managing your account, please see our help article for How to add team members to your account.

Account creation issues

If you ever have issues with subscription creation (e.g. denied credit cards) please contact us to help you get started at MacStadium.

Even if you’re only taking advantage of our 24-hour free trial of a Mac mini dedicated server for the first time, we require billing information to ensure we can properly charge you if you decide to continue using the server after the 24 hour trial period. By providing your billing information in advance (in combination with our Instant Provisioning feature) you can start working with your server immediately without having to worry about the billing setup 24 hours into the trial.