How to Install and Use Homebrew-Cask on macOS

Homebrew-Cask is an extension built on top of Homebrew which speeds up the installation process of large binary files with the use of the Terminal App. Applications such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Alfred, and Docker can be easily installed without having to download the .dmg file.


In order to install Cask, you need to make sure that you have Homebrew installed by using the following command in the Terminal App:

brew doctor

(If you haven’t installed Homebrew yet, you can follow our tutorial to help you with the process.)

Once you’re confident that your machine has Homebrew installed, add Cask to your tap:

brew tap caskroom/cask

Now you’re free to install any app that’s available on Homebrew! Check out the list of apps on Homebrew’s website. For example, to install Firefox all you have to type in the Terminal is:

brew cask install firefox

You can also search available apps in your terminal:

brew cask search <package>