Internet Connection Speed

Regardless of your hosting plan, every Mac subscription includes a dedicated ethernet port with either 100Mbps on the Pro Plan or 1000Mbps (1 Gigabit) on the Elite Plan. We do not cap, throttle, or restrict your utilization, and both plans take advantage of symmetric connections.

A symmetric connection has the same speed for upstream as for downstream so you will in fact get 100Mbps or 1000Mbps UP to the internet, and 100Mbps or 1000Mbps DOWN from the internet via this symmetric connection. This type of connection is suitable for services that are heavily impacted by delays, like video and audio streaming.

Your Mac connects to a dedicated, fully-redundant pair of Cisco 6500 series routers, which in turn are directly connect to our Juniper core network with over 50Gbps directly to the internet.

The Atlanta data center is directly connected via DWDM Ethernet and protected OC-192 SONET to a series of AT&T Central Offices as well as one of the largest carrier neutral internet hubs in the Southeastern United States known as Telx 56 Marietta Street, and the Telx Internet Exchange (YouTube link).

Beyond basic Internet BGP routing to our upstream carriers, MacStadium also utilizes advanced InterNAP Flow Control Platform appliances. These advanced devices utilize advanced network intelligence to ensure that your Internet traffic always takes the most efficient route across the Internet to its ultimate destination.

Be sure to check out our Hosting Elite Gigabit Speed Tests and Hosting Pro 100Mbps Speed Tests benchmark videos.