Reactivating Cancelled Mac Subscriptions

After a customer cancels a subscription, the machine is not immediately wiped. Instead, they are taken offline and stored safely in our data centers for 48 hours in case a customer forgot to copy important data or decides to resubscribe.

If a customer resubscribes within 48 hours, we are able to take the Mac as is out of our safe storage and return it to the datacenter floor in order to power it on and connect it back to the Internet. The customer can then regain access to their Mac using the same IP address and login credentials.

In order to reactivate a Mac, log into your MacStadium Portal and select the previously deactivated subscription. To do so select the Actions button on the right of your subscription overview and select Reactivate from the drop down menu.

Reactivate Mac

A ticket will be automatically generated for our engineers to execute and you’ll be notified once your Mac is accessible again.