Restore a Time Machine Backup to a Hosted Mac

Since your Mac is stored in one of our data centers,  restoring a Time Machine backup means you’ll need to open a Support ticket request and give us details about the affected server, the location of the specific Time Machine backup, and the type of restore to be completed.

Before performing any Time Machine recoveries, we will first need to take the machine offline and then with your permission bring it into our lab. This allows us to work more efficiently with a screen and peripherals attached as well as be sure the recovery was successful.

Apple’s Time Machine offers many possibilities. It’s possible to revert to a Time Machine backup running a previous macOS version or Recover your entire system.

Combined with Apple’s Migration Assistant and Setup Assistant, Time Machine can allow you to migrate macOS Time Machine backups to new machines. If you’re subscribing to or colocating an external USB drive with us, you can conveniently store Time Machine backups there and move the external USB drive to a new server to restore your data in the event you have hardware issues or if you’d like to change hardware.

It’s important to note that any time you change hardware and wish to restore an OS from a different machine, the storage device on the new machine must be the same size or larger than the drive on the old machine. If not, the restore will fail. For example, if you have a Mac mini with a 1000 GB HDD and the operating system and data takes up half of that, you cannot restore a Time Machine backup of that size (500 GB) to a newer Mac mini with just a 256 GB SSD.