Upgrading Your Mac Operating System

MacStadium will occasionally delay releasing a new major OS update until we are confident there are no issues for remote hosted Mac users. However, you may upgrade the operating system on your hosted Mac at any time from the Apple App store.

Data Backup

We caution you to be aware that upgrades may cause software incompatibilities and issues we are not responsible for as the infrastructure provider. It is the customer’s responsibility to create and manage a backup of all data before attempting operating system upgrades. This will ease the burden of recovery in case something goes wrong.

Time Machine, Apple’s built-in backup tool for macOS, is the most recommended solution by our customers. We offer 2.5″ external USB drives for this purpose starting at $10/month based on capacity. You can also colocate your own 2.5” external USB or Thunderbolt drive.

Upgrade Process

When you begin the upgrade, give the machine at least 30-60 min as it will power off and restart itself. If the machine does not come back in an hour or two, you should submit a support ticket. Our staff may have to pull your mini into our lab and click through several prompts manually to complete the update before restoring the device to the shelf for your use.

Occasionally, customers report that an upgrade causes various macOS system settings to reset. We highly recommend that you review your macOS system settings after completing an operating system upgrade.

Virtual Mouse Disabled for Apple Keychain

Be aware Apple disabled virtual mouse for Keychain access in macOS 10.11 El Capitan. It has affected customers developing applications with Apple’s Xcode so consider researching the issue before upgrading.

As of March 2016, there is no clear solution for the disabled virtual mouse. The current workaround is for our support team to take the server offline and attempt to replicate the conditions in our lab to accept the prompt for Keychain access with ‘always allow’ toggled. We will need detailed instructions in a support ticket from the user to complete this process.

This method is successful for current MacStadium customers developing apps with Xcode on a hosted Mac running macOS 10.11 El Capitan.