How to Use a Hosted Mac for Time Machine Backups

One of the most popular uses of having a hosted Mac is for archiving backups of existing Mac computers in a secure, remote location with always-available, high-speed Internet.

To configure this service:

  • Enable File Sharing
  • Create unique user logins for each user to ensure security

Each user will need to connect to the remote drive across the internet using your Mac’s IP address like this:

  • afp:// (Use your assigned IP address)
  • Once the remote drive is mounted, you can create Time Machine backups to this location as if they were on your local network

Automatically reconnect

It’s recommended you configure your client (the Mac in front of you – not the hosted Mac) to automatically connect to the remote share on your hosted server every time you restart your local machine. On your local device:

  • Go to your System Preferences
  • Go to Users & Groups
  • Make sure you pick the user you use to login
  • Go to Login Items
  • Click on the + sign at the bottom of the list
  • Browse the Shared network share. Make sure you open up the directory/folder you want to auto mount
  • Click Add
  • You should see the newly added share appears as the volume kind in the login item list
  • When you reboot and login, the share will be mounted automatically
  • It may take up to 1 minute for the share to actually show up upon a reboot

Many users take advantage of our external USB/Thunderbolt and network-attached storage devices to greatly expand the capacity and capabilities of the server they are using as a backup location. Storage add-ons like these can be added from your customer dashboard under the Add-Ons tab within the details of your subscription(s).

If you’re interested in backup solutions other than Time Machine, look at our Resilio Sync guide.