VMware Maintenance

All VMware environments require maintenance to meet individual growth needs, stay secure and compliant, and ensure optimization.


You can easily increase the capacity of your Mac VMware private cloud by sending MacStadium a ticket to add more capacity. Normal turnaround is less than 5 days, which can also be made faster by providing advanced notice.  Our minimum resolution for upgrades is 30 days. For downgrades, we require 60 days’ notice.

Patches and Upgrades

MacStadium maintains your environment up to the hypervisor. That same flexibility also means that customers are ultimately responsible for their own environment. Please note that updates are generally the responsibility of the customer, but MacStadium will gladly offer support and guidance if needed. Subscribe to MacStadium’s newsletter for information on new versions and recommended upgrades.

Customers can leverage the VMware Update Manager to upgrade their environmental components. For more information, see Understanding Update Manager and the Update Manager documentation.  

As a responsible vendor, VMware issues frequent advisories and patches designed to implement security protections as well as feature updates and bug fixes.  If you are not already subscribed, we strongly recommended registering for the VMware Security Announcements list to stay abreast of relevant issues and fixes.  Register for the list via VMware Security Announcements.

VMware vCloud Usage Meter

A stipulation of our licensing agreement is that we must be able to poll your vCenter for running virtual machines using VMware vCloud Usage Meter. MacStadium requires at least read-only administrator privileges per VMware for this purpose.

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