MacStadium VMware Private Cloud Quick Start Guide

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The MacStadium VMware Private Cloud Quick Start Guide is designed to get users quickly up and running with their MacStadium VMware private cloud and to provide an overview of the VMware features available within a MacStadium private cloud. A VMware-based Mac private cloud offers the ability to implement true automation for continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) pipelines for all iOS and Mac app development. Users can dynamically provision VMs of any OS, pool resources to get the most out of their physical infrastructure, and gain efficiency by cloning or linking VMs instead of manually re-imaging individual Macs. VMware-based private clouds from MacStadium are the perfect solution for DevOps or any SaaS use case that requires macOS running on genuine Apple hardware.

While in the Mac world there aren’t native containerization tools, virtualization tools like VMware can be used to create container-like, thin-provisioned VMs. VMware and other virtualization platforms allow MacStadium to create and deploy scalable private clouds built on Mac infrastructure.  MacStadium is the undisputed industry leader in implementing VMware on Mac infrastructure. Our ability to run ESXi on Mac hardware in an enterprise-grade, scalable, and secure private cloud is truly unique. MacStadium customers from Capital One to Box to Travis CI have used VMware to automate their iOS and Mac app CI/CD environments.

VMware Enterprise Plus

MacStadium VMware private cloud environments are deployed with VMware Enterprise Plus licensing which includes the latest stable release version of vSphere and the vCenter app for efficient management and scaling. MacStadium uses its Service Provider license and volume purchasing power to deliver VMware’s powerful hypervisor technology at a fixed monthly rate that is typically lower than customers would pay if attempting to procure VMware directly.

VMware is an excellent option for customers who:

  • Want a proven and reliable hypervisor with robust functionality and a long track record of success in enterprise IT
  • Already have experience with VMware, or are willing to learn
  • Need more developed support for plugins/API integrations
  • Are comfortable waiting for new macOS releases to be debugged/supported
  • Want to reduce resource usage via DRS and Instant Clone features
  • Require well-documented security and compliance features like encrypted storage at rest, VM encryption with secure key storage, or virtual E/W firewalls for VM isolation/micro-segmentation

Be aware that there can be a learning curve if your team is not already familiar with VMware. Also, keep in mind that supporting CI/CD projects on Mac hardware is not VMware’s primary use case. Never fear, though. MacStadium is here to help. VMware’s rich feature set allows iOS and Mac app development teams to capture the benefits of virtualization and automation to streamline CI/CD workflows on Mac infrastructure to improve reliability, performance, and scalability. (For more information on other MacStadium virtualization options, visit our website.)

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