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Can I visit MacStadium data centers?

You are welcome to request a visit to our facilities either before you are a customer, or during your subscription period to learn more about our services and solutions. Open a ticket or give us a call to arrange your visit.

We’d also love to host you at our headquarters in Atlanta to talk about large-scale solutions and tour the facility. Our sales engineering team is available to schedule a visit at your convenience.

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How secure are MacStadium data centers?

There are global-standard security practices in place at all MacStadium facilities to make sure your servers and data are always safe from unauthorized access. We’ve also worked with many large customers to develop custom, isolated environments with enhanced security within our existing solution to meet the requirements of their internal security policies.

Your intellectual property and customer data is protected from unauthorized access at MacStadium. Read more about our data centers and security practices.

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What is Mac colocation?

For decades, large corporations requiring always-available computing and data storage resources have housed their computing resources in secure data centers to ensure maximum uptime and availability of their equipment and information.

If you have computing equipment hosted in a data center, then it is stated that you are co-locating your equipment in that facility (colo and colocation are the recognized terms). By hosting your Mac at MacStadium, it will always be available for you to access remotely via screen sharing, VNC, or command line interface from anywhere on the internet.

Many of our clients use their Macs for game servers, web hosting, database hosting, off-site backup, email hosting, or any other applications typically run on macOS.

You can also use your Mac as a Windows server, BSD Server, IP PBX, or any other variety due to its industry standard Intel-based hardware platform.

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What kind of servers are hosted at MacStadium?

We are serious about our infrastructure, and have made significant investments to ensure that MacStadium facilities are the best Mac hosting solutions available.

Mac mini

We have premium seating for both new style Mac minis (2010 – Current) and older style Mac minis (2009 or prior).

Each patented, proprietary rack in MacStadium data centers holds 460 Mac minis contained with all cabling, power management, and network infrastructure.

Mac Pro

We’ve designed a custom enclosure and rack mount system to house the 2013+ cylindrical Mac Pro.

Learn more about our rack solutions that allow us to rapidly scale private cloud environments on our data centers page.

Xserves & HP BladeSystem Servers

Besides our main dedicated server and cloud offerings for the Mac mini and the latest-generation Mac Pro, we can host Apple’s rack-mounted Xserve line. We also offer traditional HPE blade infrastructure for organizations with a desire to house all of their services in one enterprise solution.

Custom Solutions

If you have a special project, please give us a call! We specialize in custom configurations (like consolidated hybrid cloud environments and isolated cages). Our engineering team loves to work with customers to create bespoke enterprise solutionsCall our sales engineering staff today to learn more.

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Where are MacStadium data centers located?

We have data centers in Atlanta, Las Vegas, and Silicon Valley in the US, and Dublin, Ireland in Europe. You can read more about our data centers here.

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Which location should I choose?

When choosing a data center to start a subscription, keep in mind the geographic locations of all those attempting to access the server (that could mean you, your team, or your customers). If low latency is important, the closer the servers are physically, the better your connection quality will be.

Here is a set of IP addresses, one for each data center, to test latency or perform a trace route:



Las Vegas

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