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How do I use a hosted Mac for remote Time Machine backups?

One of the most popular uses of the MacStadium colocation service is for archiving backups of existing Mac computers into a secure, remote location with always-available, high-speed internet.

To configure this service:

Each user will need to connect to the remote drive across the Internet using your Mac’s IP address like this:

Automatically reconnect

It’s recommended to setup your client (the Mac in front of you – not the hosted Mac) to automatically connect to the remote share on your hosted server every time you restart your local machine. On your local device:

Many users take advantage of our external USB/Thunderbolt and network-attached storage devices to greatly expand the capacity and capabilities of the server they are using as a backup location. Storage add-ons like these can be added from your customer dashboard under the Add-Ons tab within the details of your subscription(s).

If you’re interested in backup solutions other than Time Machine, look at our Resilio Sync guide.