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Can I connect to a hosted Mac from behind my office firewall?

If need to create a private connection between your office and a hosted Mac or private cloud at MacStadium, we provide two types of firewall access.

We offer access to our managed, shared firewall for $50 per month. Engineers at MacStadium will consult with you or your IT experts to configure and maintain your subscriptions behind this firewall. Our managed, shared firewall solution is built on Cisco ASA hardware.

Our top-level solution is a dedicated firewall or pair of dedicated firewalls from the Cisco ASA 5500 series. This solution will initially be initially configured by our network engineers before being turned over to you to be self-managed by you or your IT staff. We’re happy to assist with future configuration if you’re unfamiliar with Cisco ASA solutions.

With the Cisco ASA platform, customers commonly configure solutions such as these:

  • Create a permanent VPN tunnel between corporate office Local Area Network and servers located at one of the three MacStadium datacenters.
  • Enable ports for remote access to allow remote users to VPN into their MacStadium servers.
  • Establish extensive firewall policies, protecting and securing their servers from the internet as needed. This is often preferred over software firewall policies which are placed directly on the servers. Managing a firewall at the network level in front of your hardware is easier to configure and troubleshoot when multiple servers are involved or when many locations are being connected.

Some of these solutions are only available with the dedicated hardware option. Our sales engineering team can further explain your options.