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Dedicated Macs

What is instant provisioning and how long does it take?

Instant Provisioning is MacStadium developed technology that allows us to deliver ready-to-go dedicated servers to customers 24x7x365 within seconds of checkout.

When you complete checkout, an installation ticket is opened. If the requested server is available for Instant Provisioning, the ticket will be automatically closed by our systems and an email sent to you which includes your server's IP address and user login credentials (username and password).

We typically have 50-100 servers ready to go for Instant Provisioning. We strive to keep our most popular subscription models available for Instant Provisioning for both Pro (100Mbps) and Elite (1000Mbps) Hosting packages.

If you are requesting a server that has an OS other than macOS, you should be prepared to wait a couple of hours for the server to be custom provisioned for your request.