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Dedicated Macs

Is there macOS software to replace the popular web hosting software offered by Linux VPS providers?

Below are some tools that allow users to exploit the power and reliability of the Apple macOS platform, and still have the familiar *NIX-type experience.

  • macOS Server by Apple is available in the App Store for $19.99 and installs as an app and service within macOS. It includes a web server among other utilities.
  • MAMP / MAMP Pro is similar to Linux LAMP. “MAMP” stands for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP. MAMP can be installed on macOS 10.10 or greater and includes a friendly user interface.
  • MACPorts is a more advanced method that provides a command-line method of installing software packages under BSD to access thousands of ports and greatly simplifies compiling and installing open-source software on your Mac.
  • HomeBrew is the latest BSD/*NIX package manager for macOS, and is a great alternative to MACPorts.

The Mac is a powerful Intel-based hardware platform that can run any OS – not just macOS.

MacStadium offers VMware ESXi as a means to install all variants of Linux as virtual machines on a hosted Mac. This includes generic distributions like Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS, as well as packaged distributions that include software like cPanel and Plesk.