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Account & Billing

How do I share my account details in a support ticket?

The simplest solution is to add them in the support ticket via our secure web interface. For additional security, we have also added a checkbox labeled Contains Sensitive Information which prevents the text being sent in your ticket note from appearing in any plain text emails - you and your team members must sign in to the customer dashboard to view the message.

You are also free to change the credentials after we are done assisting you. 

If you are uncomfortable leaving that information available in an archived ticket (we can’t erase them), there are web services that can provide one-time, password-protected links to your sensitive text. Below are just a few of the options:

MacStadium does not endorse the use of these services (we are confident in the security of our ticketing) but understand your desire for secure transmission protocols. Please thoroughly researchthe technology, terms and conditions, and privacy policy of third-party web service when considering sharing your sensitive content with them.