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How do I add more team members to my account?

Using the MacStadium customer dashboard you’re able to add multiple team members to your account and applying user specific permissions to them. This allows you to grant access to certain parts of the customer dashboard. For example you could add someone of your accounting department to your account and only allow them to see accounting related parts of the dashboard.

If you would like to add another team member to your MacStadium account please first log into your customer dashboard. Once you’ve done that locate the silouette of a person in the top right corner and select Team Member. In there you can add a new user using the New Team Member button in the top right.

Required items for you to fill out are:

The Phone Number field is not required to be filled in.

Once you’ve added your team member to your account, our system has sent out an E-Mail to the specified E-Mail address with an acitivation link allowing them to set a password for themselves.