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Requesting Servers with Pre-Installed Software

Some MacStadium customers have a continual need for new dedicated servers to be deployed or by our technical support. Many of those customers save time for themselves and our staff by creating a template machine for cloning their most used tools or a specific subset based on the expected use of the machine(s) to be deployed.

With dozens or hundreds of dedicated servers, it would be both difficult and time-consuming for us to release dedicated servers running clean operating systems. Instead, customers find it’s beneficial to setup one machine in their pool of Mac servers with the exact configuration needed.

Once given the okay to start the bulk server cloning process our support staff will take that machine offline and begin cloning. We typically confirm with the customer that the first clone is successful and then continue the cloning process. After manually setting a new network configuration per server, we can deploy the new bundle of machines to meet the customer’s needs.