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What if my Mac ‘locks up’ or needs a reboot?

If your Mac locks up, or becomes unavailable, you should first use the Power Management ‘Hard Reboot’ feature included with every dedicated server subscription at MacStadium via your control panel on the MacStadium website. Click a subscription, then click the Actions button, then Hard Reboot.

By clicking this button, a signal is sent to an APC-switched PDU power outlet dedicated to your Mac at the MacStadium. The APC PDU will drop power for a few seconds and then restore power.

In order for this feature to work as desired, it is important that you have followed the directions on the initial setup of your Mac which was sent with your welcome letter from MacStadium when you initiated service with us.

By scheduling a daily self-power on via the operating system settings, your remote Mac will re-awaken by itself in the event it is powered down (example at 4AM below).

In macOS, select System Preferences from the Apple Menu and configure as follows: