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Can I use FileVault on my Mac?

We do not support FileVault and can not as a user must login before the Mac connects to the internet. This is not possible with the Mac located in our data center racks and customers connecting remotely from the internet.

If you enable FileVault, you will lose access to the Mac upon the first reboot. Our support agents will have to wait for FileVault to fully encrypt the drives before we can un-encrypt them again. The entire process can typically take between 48-72 hours.

The following choices are your options for how our technical support staff disables FileVault on your hosted Mac:

  1. Open a support ticket as soon as possible. If you’re in a free trial period, we can take this server offline and get you setup with a new server so you don’t waste the free trial period waiting for this server.
  2. If this is a server you’ve been using for a while and you don’t wish to start fresh, let us know and we’ll pull the server to our workbench. From there, we’ll keep track and when encryption completes, we’ll start the decryption process. Afterwards, we’ll get the server back in the rack and let you know it’s available again.