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Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) Support

In the past, MacStadium offered complimentary RDP access to subscription based Mac servers running macOS via a third party tool, Code Rebel’s iRAPP. iRAPP is a server application installed on a remote computer (in our case a Mac running macOS).

With iRAPP installed on a hosted Mac running macOS, users running a Windows operating system on their local machine were able to connect via Microsoft’s built-in RDP to the Mac and use remote desktop without extra configuration.

As of June 2016, MacStadium is no longer able to offer this complimentary service as Code Rebel announced operations had ceased and they would no longer support the iRAPP product. While we continue to research alternative solutions, there is no drop-in replacement for iRAPP that works with our unique hosted Mac solutions.

Customers can still take advantage of fully-interactive remote Mac desktops by connecting via Apple’s Screen Sharing feature built-in to macOS, Apple Remote Desktop, other third-party free or paid VNC applications, or another free, freemium or premium remote access solution available. We’ve mentioned solutions in the following articles on our blogs: