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Can I get a copy of MacStadium's IRS Tax Form W-9?

A signed copy of MacStadium’s Form W-9 for IRS tax purposes is now available on our legal page. Please email if you have any further questions.

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Can I pay with PayPal?

We accept PayPal with a pre-payment of three (3) or more months of service. Please open a ticket with the billing department to setup your payments using PayPal.

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Can I pay with an invoice?

Yes. However, we do require payments of at least $1,000 for invoicing.  If your monthly price is less than that, you can still receive an invoiced payment by pre-paying for one or two years.

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How do I request changes to a billing master subscription?

All changes to an account while on a billing master must be submitted in a ticket. That includes any form of upgrade or downgrade to your services. Read more about the process here.

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What is a billing master?

For customers with a large number Mac servers, it’s far easier to combine your monthly expenses on one statement than to bill you for each subscription individually throughout the month. We offer a billing master subscription to cover this situation.

A billing master subscription combines all of your subscriptions and their components into a single placeholder subscription so you receive a simplified and bundled billing statement that makes account management much easier. This allows us to bill you once per month for all of your subscriptions, even if you add servers or add-ons at different times throughout the billing period.

Read more about billing masters.

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Where can I access my invoices?

Invoices for your individual subscription(s) are available in your customer dashboard in PDF format under the Billing tab within the details of your subscription(s). Each subscription has its own statement. For large numbers of servers, please get in touch with the billing team to discuss options for condensing billing statements.

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Why was my credit card declined during the signup process?

At MacStadium, we make use of fraud protection services that use multiple layers of security to identify and stop fraud before it happens. These measures are in place to help ensure the security of our network and the best possible experience for our customers. Because of these additional security measures, it's possible that your credit card transaction could be flagged by the system during signup, even if the credit card is valid. If this happens, please contact us via phone, chat or open a ticket in your dashboard. Read more about this topic here.

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