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Can I get better pricing for a longer term?

Yes! A 24-month term includes a 5% incentive, while a 36-month term includes 8% incentive.  These do not apply if your environment includes hardware components that require a 36-month term (e.g., dedicated SAN).

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How do volume discounts work?

Customers typically pay full price for each host until reaching 50 hosts. After that, volume incentives start to kick-in at different tiers, which vary based on the type of hosts, the term, etc.  Only hosts above the volume tier have a reduced price (e.g. host number 50 would be full-price while host number 51 could be eligible for reduced pricing). Specific price tiers are determined uniquely for each customer, but can reach up to 10% off at high volumes.

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I need about X concurrent VMs. How much will that cost?

How large would each concurrent VM be?  Would they be running 100% of the time or just occasionally?  Would you be spinning up single-use (AKA ephemeral) VMs or running static VMs to mimic bare metal hosts?   Assuming 2 cores and ~8GB of RAM, you’d be looking at $150-$200/VM in our cloud bundles. You can get even lower as you continue to scale up.  Of course, those prices are for concurrent VMs running at 100% capacity.  Because we provide dedicated private clouds, you get all the benefit of thin provisioning, so if a VM isn’t using its full set of allocated resources it will give them back to the pool.

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Is there a fee for starting a subscription?

Dedicated Servers

No. We do not charge any kind of setup fee, neither for Mac minis or Mac Pros that are available instantly nor for hardware configurations that aren’t.

Private Clouds

Yes, we do charge a one-time setup fee for our private clouds.

  • Small Private Cloud: $249
  • Medium Private Cloud: $249
  • Large Private Cloud: $299
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When do volume discounts start?

We offer discounts starting at 50 hosts or more.

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